Pictures| Resistance snipes Israeli bulldozer that infiltrated Gaza border

Gaza (QNN)- The Israeli occupation army announced on Wednesday that a military force was sniped on Gaza’s eastern border near the so-called ‘Kissufim’ area.

The Israeli army added in a statement that the shooting did not cause injuries among its soldiers.

Israeli media reported that four bullets, shot by a sniper, hit the windshield of the military bulldozer that was working in the area and infiltrated Gaza border.

Israeli media said the bullets did not go through the bulletproof glass of the bulldozer that had infiltrated the border and was carrying out a land levelling operation.

Israeli tanks fired a missile at a monitoring center of the resistance in the area.

Earlier this morning, Israeli bulldozers penetrated Gaza border and started leveling land 100 meters deep inside Khan Yunis, threatening farmers and expelling them.

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