Comedian Sarah Silverman: Criticizing ‘Israel’ is not anti-Semitism

Jewish-American comedian Sarah Silverman has been criticized for her views on ‘Israel’ and the BDS after posting controversial comments on social media.

Silverman shared her views on the BDS movement through a podcast segment on her Instagram account, which has a following of some 2 million people.

“I agree, a hundred percent that criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitism,” Silverman said.

She continued, “We criticize the US all the time, I don’t hate the US. I love it. It is not anti-Semitism to criticize a government.”

“I’m fine with BDS as long as it’s clear that you are boycotting a government and not a people,” she added.

“When that gets muddy that’s when it’s scary, a little scary as a Jew. Listen, people like their Jews suffering. When Jews aren’t suffering, when God forbid they’re thriving, people don’t like that. It’s why we are so conditioned to complain,” Silverman said.

In 2018, Silverman was at the center of a Twitter storm after tweeting in support of the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, who was detained by ‘Israel’, calling the Israeli goverment to release her.

Silverman tweeted that “Jews have to stand up EVEN when – ESPECIALLY when – the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government.”

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