Only one day after Twitter’s blocking of Trump, Netanyahu removes Twitter banner photo of him with Trump

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Twitter account on Tuesday removed a banner photo showing Netanyahu sitting next to Trump at a White House meeting. The removal of the photo came in an apparent break with a political ally facing possible impeachment.

Netanyahu had kept the banner photo of his meeting with Trump, long in lockstep with him over a tough policy towards Iran and Palestine, on the site even after the Republican president’s defeat by Democrat Joe Biden in the US election in November.

Early on Tuesday, another photo, showing Netanyahu being injected with the coronavirus vaccine, topped the page, along with the slogan for the Israeli inoculation campaign: “Citizens of Israel, we are returning to life”.

Meanwhile, Trump has been blocked on all major social platforms following the January 6 unrest in the US Capitol, when a group of his supporters stormed the building, clashing with police, damaging property, seizing the inauguration stage and occupying the rotunda.

The violent rally, which killed five people, took place after Trump urged his supporters to protest what he claims is a stolen election.

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