Scotland lists Jerusalem separately from ‘Israel’ on COVID-19 travel advisory

Scotland (QNN)- Jerusalem has been listed as a separate entity from ‘Israel’ in Scotland’s foreign travel advisory.

“Travelers arriving in Scotland from ‘Israel’ and Jerusalem must now quarantine on arrival for 10 days,” the advisory read, noting ‘Israel’ and Jerusalem separately.

Following this step, pro-Israel lobby called the government of Scotland to correct the travel advisory, claiming that Jerusalem is the capital of ‘Israel’, and to list Jerusalem and ‘Israel’ together.

“Hey @scotgov, you seem confused. Let me assist you,” said Sussex Friends of Israel, one of UK’s pro-Israel lobby.

“It is not ‘Israel AND Jerusalem’. Jerusalem is the undivided, eternal capital of Israel so if someone arrives from Jerusalem they have come from Israel!” it added.

Pro-Israel activist David Collier said that he will register a formal complaint when he go to Scotland next time.

“Next time I go up to Scotland or Edinburgh, I will register a formal complaint,” he said.

This is not the first time the pro-Israel lobby attacked countries which list Jerusalem and ‘Israel’ separately.

Last month, they attacked the UK government for the same reason, saying that this decision is “offensive and hostile.”

“The Foreign Office’s decision to define Jerusalem as a territory separate from Israel is offensive and hostile. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. To describe Jerusalem as anything other than an integral part of Israel is a fiction divorced from reality and the travel advice must be immediately corrected,” said Conservative Friends of Israel.

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