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Pictures| Injuries in Israeli repression of protest in Deir Jarir

Ramallah (QNN)- One Palestinian was wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets while others were suffocated during the Israeli repression of a protest against the construction of a new settlement outpost in the Shurfa month in Deir Jarir, Ramallah.

The head of Deir Jarir’s council said Israeli forces used rubber-coated metal bullets as well as tear gas grenades against the peaceful protesters, wounding a protester in his head. He was taken to Silwan medical center. Others were suffocated.


Hundreds have taken part in a protest organized by Fatah movement. The protest marched towards land threatened of confiscation for settlement projects. The protesters performed Friday prayers after the protest.

Last week, illegal settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers set a tent in the village, put a water tank, and started drilling works.

The village has been targeted by settlers for years, as they used to farm their herds in Palestinians’ farms, causing severe losses for farmers.

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