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Following normalization deal… Israelis visit UAE for sex

Abu Dhabi (QNN)- Following the Israeli-Emarati normalization deal, Israelis flocked to the UAE looking for sex, reported Ynet News.

The Israeli newspaper reported on Friday that Israelis started visiting the UAE, especially Dubai, for sex tourism.

“It happens in the luxury hotels of Dubai, in the nightclubs, everywhere. Outside the hotels, people walk around with brochures and shove you in the hand,” says Benny, a businessman who visits Dubai frequently.

“They already recognize the groups of Israelis, approach them with options of a photo gallery on an iPad or mobile. Everything is very open, as if it were a pizza menu with toppings,” he said.

Another businessman Shlomi said, “This is a thriving Israeli sex tourism business in Dubai.”

Meanwhile, Eran, who flew to Dubai from Tel Aviv with his friends has been staying in a luxury hotel. He and his friends say they came here to sleep with the prostitutes. The group paid a hefty amount for the purpose highlighting the degrading treatment of women in UAE.

“You sometimes hear in the lobby shouts of Israelis: ‘I want two together’, or ‘I’m With two more friends, they want three daughters”.

The newspaper said the sex industry in the UAE saw a dramatic rise recently and that the number of Israelis, who visit the UAE for sex has increased as well.

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