Bahrain says it will not allow imports from Israeli settlements

Bahrain clarified on Saturday that it will not allow the import of Israeli goods produced in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In a statement released by BNA, Bahrain News Agency, on Friday, Bahrain stated that a previous comment made by Bahraini Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, according to which no distinction would be given to products from Israel and the West Bank, “was misunderstood.”

“The minister’s statement was misinterpreted and that the ministry is committed to the Bahraini government’s unwavering stance regarding adherence to the resolutions of the United Nations,” BNA reported late on Friday.

On Thursday, Al Zayani said that Bahrain will label products made in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank as Israeli.

“We will treat Israeli products as Israeli products. So we have no issue with labelling or origin,” Al Zayani told Reuters during a visit to Israel.

Al Zayani made the remarks while heading the first-ever trade delegation from Bahrain to Israel.

In Friday, after a phone call with Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Malki, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani denied that Bahrain decided to label illegal settlements products made in the occupied West Bank as “Made in Israel”.

Bahrain is the fourth Arab country to normalize ties with ‘Israel’, after Egypt in 1979, Jordan in 1994, and the UAE in August.

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