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Video| The story behind a video of a Lebanese soldier pointing an RBG launcher at an Israeli tank

Lebanon-Palestine borders (QNN)- A video, published by the Israeli channel 13, trended showing Lebanese soldiers pointing an RPG launcher at an Israeli armored tank.

The video shows a unit from the Lebanese army holding an RPG launcher and pointing it at an Israeli Mark 4 armored tank.


According to channel 13, three Hizbollah RPG units reached the location after other members in civil clothes reported that an Israeli armored tank reached the area.

Israeli soldiers tried to speak with the Lebanese soldiers, who were accompanied by a UNIFIL unit, and asked them if they want peace with ‘Israel’ but the Lebanese soldiers stayed silent and prepared.

The borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine have been seeing tension since last July after Israeli warplanes bombarded Damascus International Airport, murdering one Hizbollah fighter.

Hizbollah’s Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, has promised on several occasions to respond for the Israeli attack.

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