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US frees Israeli spy who leaked classified information to ‘Israel’ during Cold War

The release of Jonathan Pollard may be one of Trump's final gifts to Netanyahu.

Washington (QNN)- The US Justice Department said it freed Jonathan J. Pollard, an American-Israeli convicted of spying for ‘Israel’ in one of the most notorious espionage cases of the late Cold War.

The Justice Department’s decision to let Pollrd’s parole restrictions expire may be one of the final gifts from the Trump administration to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of ‘Israel’.

Pollard’s case had long been an irritant in the relations between the US and the occupation state. both sides at times had used him as a diplomatic bargaining chip.

Pollard, who served as a Navy intelligence analyst, leaked a range of classified documents to ‘Israel’ starting in 1984. His disclosures exposed the abilities of the American spy agencies, potentially damaged intelligence collection efforts and risked exposing secrets, C.I.A. and Defense Department officials said in classified documents prepared after his arrest. He was arrested in 1985, and was convicted and served 30 years in prison before being released in 2015.

American national security officials had long objected to any easing of Pollard’s punishment, highlighting the damage he did to American intelligence collection. But objections from intelligence officers have largely become muted, with some acknowledging that Pollard has both served his time and fulfilled his parole obligations.

The United States Parole Commission, the arm of the Justice Department that supervises the releases of federal prisoners, decided Friday not to extend the travel restrictions it had placed on Pollard when he was released five years ago. A statement by the commission justified the decision of finding no evidence that Pollard is likely to violate the law.

Pollard has Israeli citizenship and he has said that he would move to occupied Palestine and he wants to be buried there.

Some former American intelligence officials noted that the threat of Israel spying on the United States remains, even as cooperation has deepened.

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