“Trump administration revived Balfour’s colonialist attitude,” says Ashrawi

Jerusalem (QNN)- November 2, 2020 marks 103 years since the British government adopted it’s racist and colonialist promise to give away Palestine and deliberately discard the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Hanan Ashrawi, member of PLO Executive Committee, said that the dangerous and destructive results of the 1917 Balfour Declaration and its disastrous repercussions still cast a dark shadow on Palestine and the Middle East.

“The Trump administration has revived the Balfour colonial mentality, founded on arrogance, racism, unilateralism and extremism,” said Ashrawi.

She described the recent actions of the US administration as “adding insult to injury.” she added “the Trump administration revived the objectionable mindset of the Balfour Declaration by upending US policy and international law in relation to Palestine. The so-called Trump plan borrowed this worldview and attempted to impose it on the Palestinian people.”

The PLO member said that the aim of such policies is to deprive the Palestinians from their fundamental right to have sovereignty over their lives and destiny, adding “the so-called Trump plan for the region appropriated the pillars of the Balfour promise, which are based on injustice and fraud, with the aim of subjugating the Palestinian people and liquidating their just cause.”

Ashrawi stressed that the time has come for Britain to take corrective steps, by recognizing officially of the State of Palestine, and restoring the rights of the people of Palestine which the “Balfour Declaration nullified more than a century ago.”

“Regrettably, successive British governments have failed to take responsibility for this illegitimate and unprecedented act of wholesome injustice. It can still begin correcting this historic wrong by recognizing Palestine,” she said.

“Freedom and self-determination are absolute rights that are non-negotiable. We will not accept to be the exception to this universal fact. The Palestinian people will not surrender to a racist ideology that attempts to eradicate our history, culture, and narrative. Palestine lives and it will be vindicated with the dedicated pursuit of justice by our people and justice advocates worldwide,” Ashrawi concluded her statement.

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  1. The ONLY way PALESTINIANS will get JUSTICE, their LAND and RIGHTS back is via VIOLENCE. and the DESTRUCTION of that FAKE ENTITY Zionists call Israel.

    Of course the Zionists have already thought of that possibility so they took control of LEADERSHIP IN Palestine to make sure that the ONLY SOLUTION, VIOLENCE, will not occur in any meaningful way.

    I am 80 but from the IRA in Ireland, who beat the largest Empire of the Time, the BRITISH, and we used, what I would use on those Zionist GANGSTERS,-GUERRILLA WARFARE tactics. If I were young I could with those Palestinians who still had some COURAGE, destroy those FAKE ZIONIST JEWS within a month and send what would be remaining of them, back to their only legitimate REPUBLIC, called BIRIBIDJAN YEVRIE in Russia

    The Problem is, I am from the “Old School” who had COURAGE to fight for our FAMILY and LAND.

    Palestinians ( and Americans) have lost that, it seems

    THOSE FAKE Jews (Khazar Converts)also know that.

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