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Palestinian prisoners infected with COVID-19 in Gilbo’a prison rise to 91

Jerusalem (QNN)- Palestinian Committee for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners Affairs said on Wednesday that the number of Palestinain prisoners in Israel’s Gilbo’a prison who tested positive for COVID-19 has rised to 91.

The committee said that some prisoners have the virus symptoms, including fever, cough, and headache, and they told the administration of Israeli prisons, but it neglected this deliberately.

The prisoners don’t get the proper health treatment in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic in the prisons, as the committee said.

The rise in COVID-19 cases in Gilboa prison has led Israeli prisons administration to put the prison under lockdown, while the number of prisoners infected with COVID-19 is expected to rise.

Israeli prisons administration have cancelled family visits, and it will move the infected to Tzalmon prison.

The Committee on Tuesday condemned the deliberate procrastinations by the administration of prisons in providing the necessary preventive measures inside sections of prisons, saying this is the reason behind the spread of the virus.

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