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A 29-year-old Palestinian man killed by Israeli occupation forces

Bilal Rawajba, a 29-year-old Palestinian man, was killed today in the occupied West Bank by Israeli occupation forces.

Belal was shot in his car near an Israeli military checkpoint in Huwara town in Nablus when he was expected to drive from home to his workplace on Wednesday.

Belal was a legal consultant in the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Service in the Tubas district, and lived in a village outside Nablus.

The video footage of the killing moments shows that Belal posed no threat to the Israeli forces. However, an Israeli military spokesman said that Belal fired a pistol at the Israeli forces, but no Israeli casualties were reported.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that the Israeli occupation forces prevented them from giving first aid to Rawajba, and that his body is in Israeli custody and could not immediately be retrieved.

Belal became a father to a daughter two months ago. With Israeli occupation forces bullets, his daughter, Jwan, becomes an orphan now.

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