Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Insulting Muslims is rejected and condemned

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Archbishop Atallah Hanna Archbishop of Sebestia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem on Monday said that Christian Palestinians have always carried a message of love, brotherhood, and peace and rejected the culture of hatred, sectarianism, violence, and grudge and that is why they reject insulting Islam as well as all religions.

“Driven by our Christian values and belonging to the holiest church in the world, we condemn and reject any insult against religious symbols in all religions”, Hanna said.

He added that insulting Muslims is completely rejected and condemned and that the church rejects offending Islamic religious symbols just like it rejects offending Christian religious symbols, stressing that those who insult religions and incite hatred and violence in our world do not represent any moral, spiritual, or humanitarian values.

“All humans belong to one human family created by God, who did not discriminate between people”, Hanna said. “From Jerusalem, we call on all believers to work on spread the discourse of love, tolerance, and human fraternity.”

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