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Ahlam Tamimi files complain against Jordanian authorities

Amman (QNN)- The former prisoner Ahlam Tamimi said that she filed a complaint to the National Center for Human Rights in Jordan after her husband, the former prisoner Nizar Tamimi, was deported by the Jordanian authorities last week.

During a special interview with QNN Arabic, Ahlam explained that Jordanian authorities are supposed to be questioned upon the complaint, which has been filed following the deportation of Nizar Tamimi. “The complaint has been filed on Sunday and we are waiting for a response in order to go ahead in the next step in the legal process”, she said.

“We could not do anything before the deportation of Nizar because the Jordanian authorities threatened to forcibly deport him to the Palestinian territories and hand him over to the Israelis. We did not want to repeat the same scenario of arrest and Israeli jails, so we had to comply.”

She also said that intensive efforts are being made in Jordan by a committee of lawyers and NGOs in order to help Nizar to come back to Jordan.

When asked if she has any concerns that Jordan may hand her over to the United States, she stressed that although of the US repeated requests to extradite her, a ruling by the highest judicial body in the country has been issued in March 2017, prohibiting the extradition of her because she is a Jordanian citizen. But no one knows what is happening under the table, she added.

Tamimi said she has no assurance that her husband would come back to Jordan, however, a wide-range popular and media initiatives are being organized.

“Nizar’s deportation has brought back memories from our engagement when we were both jailed in Israeli jails”, Ahlam said. “The pain of remoteness and suffering has come back. We used to exchange letters that were being reviewed by the Israeli Shin Bet. It was more like a suspended engagement accompanied by patience and deprivation. It wasn’t normal at all”, Tamimi said.

“The deportation of Nizar, however, is more painful because our marriage has made us even more connected. What happened divided our soul and doubled our pain. Nizar is my soul mate and what happened destabilized our life”, she added.

The authorities of Jordan decided on Thursday to deport Nizar Tamimi.

Trump’s administration had threatened to withhold economic aid to Jordan, in a bid to secure the extradition of Ahlam Tamimi, who is a Jordanian citizen wanted by the FBI over a resistance operation carried out in occupied Palestine.

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