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‘Israel’, UAE, Bahrain to sign normalization deals in Washington today but details to remain secret

Washington (QNN)- The occupation state is set to sign normalization deals with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain today in an official ceremony in the White House led by the US President Donald Trump, however, the details of the deals will remain hidden, reported Haaretz.

A source in the Israeli delegation to Washington told correspondents that both Gulf countries and the occupation state had agreed not to reveal all the details before signing the deals today evening due to the “sensitivity of the wording.”

More clauses are expected to be added to the pact with the UAE later on, while the accord with Bahrain will be declarative because officials did not have enough time to formulate it.

Hundreds of officials are invited to attend, and a symbolic handshake between the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the UAE and Netanyahu.

After an often bruising, chaotic first term on the diplomatic front, Tuesday’s event is seen as a rare piece of good news for Trump less than 50 days before election day.

The normalization deals are being criticized for being held between countries that were never in war. Furthermore, Arabs across the region fear that the deals would increase the Israeli violations against native Palestinians and legitimize the Israeli efforts to seize Islamic and Christian holy places, including Al Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

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