For the third time this week… ‘Israel’ floods Gaza crops with rainwater

Gaza (QNN)- The Israeli army on Saturday opened dams, causing rainwater to flood large areas of agricultural lands in eastern Gaza.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza said that the occupation state deliberately opened its dams for the third time this week, causing vast areas of agricultural lands to sink and large amounts of crops to get damaged.

The ministry had estimated the losses in the agricultural sector at over $500,000 due to the Israeli ongoing attempts to flood the strip’s agricultural lands, which damaged crops.

Nearly 700 dunums of agricultural lands, which were planted with field crops, in addition to 100 dunums of lands, planted with vegetables, and 100 beehives were damaged. The losses were estimated at $350,000.

In northern Gaza, 120 dunums of field crops in addition to greenhouses and poultry farms were damaged with losses estimated at $150,000.

Abdellatif Qannou’, a spokesperson for Hamas, said that the Israeli ongoing assaults on farmers and their properties are a crime and a form of the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

Qannou’ added that this is an example of the Israeli barbarism, arrogance, and blatant violation of all humanitarian laws and international norms, which require an international intervention to leash the occupation and end its barbaric policy against our people.

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