Israel special forces assault Palestinian prisoners at Megiddo Prison

Israeli prison forces on Tuesday evening stormed Section 4 of the Megiddo Prison and assaulted the Palestinian prisoners there, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported.

The group pointed out that the Israeli prison forces raided the section before transferring 20 prisoners to temporary cells.

A few days ago, the prison administration at Megiddo transferred 92 prisoners from section 7 to section 4, after heavy rain flooded the area.

Since section 4 can accommodate only 70 prisoners, many detainees have been forced to sleep on the cold floor.

Palestinian prisoners have repeatedly called for Israel to improve the conditions of their detention. However, little has been done to take steps towards this. Medical treatment is often denied and the health condition of detainees deteriorates while they are incarcerated.

Some 222 Palestinians have died in detention since 1967.

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