8 killed and 810 shot in Gaza and occupied West Bank in February

Ramallah (QNN)- Eight Palestinians were killed, four of whom are children, while over 810 others were shot by the Israeli soldiers’ bullets only during the last February, reported a Palestinian studies center.

Abdallah Al Hourani center for studies and documentation revealed in a new report that eight Palestinians were shot dead by the occupation army in the occupied West Bank and Gaza; six of them were killed in Gaza while two others were killed in the occupied West Bank.

The report said that one of the martyrs is a prisoner, whose body is still being hold by the Israeli authorities among other 37 bodies of martyrs from Gaza and the occupied West Bank, which is apparently considered as a gross violation of the international laws.

The report also revealed that the occupation authorities arrested around 500 Palestinians in Gaza, occupied Jerusalem, and the occupied West Bank during the last February. Most arrests happened in occupied Jerusalem after the opening of the Mercy gate of Al Aqsa mosque 16 years after closing it.

The occupation forces also injured around 810 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and in Gaza with live bullets, rubber-coated bullets, poison gas, and tear gas. 710 were injured during the peaceful Great Return March protests on the Gaza-occupied Palestine borders while they were posing no threat at all.

The report revealed also that the occupation state demolished during the same month 43 buildings, which include 17 houses and 27 other types of buildings. 7 houses and 2 buildings were demolished by their owners in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem plans for some projects to seize the rest of Ma’manullah historical graveyard, including building the “tolerance museum” in addition to a hotel and a restaurant on the ruins of about 400 Muslim tomb.

Al Aqsa mosque witnessed about 2050 raids by settlers, intelligence forces, students of extremist religious schools, and Knesset members under protection of the Israeli occupation soldiers.

On the other hand, the Israeli authorities issued decisions of banning to access Al Aqsa mosque against 55 Palestinians, and approved the building of 464 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem and a new settlement between Qalqiliah and Salfit in the occupied West Bank to connect other illegal settlements in the area.

Regarding settlers’ assaults, 85 assaults were carried out by illegal settlers during February against Palestinians, which caused the murder of one Palestinian. The assaults included 5 run-over attacks, one shooting, uprooting and stealing 738 trees, vandalizing 40 cars, and bulldozing 5 donums.

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