70% of Gazans are not food-secured

Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian Ministry of Social Development in Gaza said that the percentage of the lack of food security in Gaza has reached 70% while that of poverty and employment has reached approximately 75%.

The Ministry also revealed that 33.8% of Gazans are below the extreme poverty line and 65.6% of them are refugees.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Social development, Ghazi Hamad, said that all efforts, whether by governmental, international, or local institutions, are mostly relief operations that provide only 50% of the basic needs of poor families.

He also stressed on the importance of the international aid provided for Palestinians through international institutions.

Hamad stated that Palestinians, especially in Gaza, have been living very hard conditions due to the accumulation of Israeli policies against them.

The Ministry revealed that 46910 of Gaza’s families, which include 276663 Palestinians, are refugees, who were expelled from their homes in 1948.

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