62 Israeli Jewish fanatics storm Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Groups of Israeli Jewish fanatics Sunday stormed the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

The Islamic Waqf told QNN that 62 settlers stormed the holy mosque in the morning. It added that Israeli police and special forces escorted the extremists during their provocative tour all around the holy mosque.

Meanwhile, Israeli police intensified its restrictive measures against Muslim worshipers at the gates of the holy mosque and seized their IDs.

Israeli forces have been allowing daily raids by Jewish fanatics since the occupation of East Jerusalem. Al Aqsa mosque is one of the most important and holy places for Muslims. The occupation state denies Muslims their basic right to practice religion, visiting the holy mosque, and allows Jews to perform rituals in the Muslim holy place, violating international laws, which state that “religious places, sites, shrines and religious expressions should be fully respected and protected”.

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