6,000 Secret Experiments On Palestinian Prisoners Inside Israeli Jails

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli authorities performed about 6,000 secret experiments on Palestinian and Arab prisoners in jails, using them as lab rats, said the chief of studies and documentation unit in the committee of detainees and ex-detainees, Abd Al Naser Al Farawneh.

“Israel has used prisoners and children to experience new drugs and medications, turning them into testing grounds in medical and military experiments, which is extremely dangerous”, Al Farawneh said.

Al Farawneh stressed that such action is a blatant violation of all international conventions, which requires serious actions to denounce such crimes. He also assured that the names of some disappeared prisoners are seen carved on the walls of the cells, which could indicate that Israel is responsible for their disappearance and they may be subject to secret experiments.

“Hundreds of prisoners suffer from serious diseases like cancer, while others suffer from medications (given to them by the prisons’ doctors), which caused them severe health deterioration”, Al Farawneh added.

It is worth mentioning that criminal sciences and social work professor in the Hebrew University of occupied Jerusalem, Nadirah Shalhoub Kiforkian, said that Israel allowed military experimentation on Palestinian children, and revealed that Israel has turned the areas, where Palestinians live to experiment grounds to military industry.

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