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4000 Palestinians killed in Syria since the start of war

Damascus (QNN)- The monitoring and documentation team in the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that 4002 Palestinian refugees, including 487 females, were killed in different areas throughout Syria since the start of the war.

The group stated in a new report that 1987 Palestinians were killed inside refugee camps until October 21, 2019 compared to 1953 Palestinians killed the year before.

The statistical report revealed that most victims were from Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. 1457 refugees were killed in the camp during the regime’s efforts to regain control of the camp.

Dar’a refugee camp came second with 266 victims, then Khan Sheih camp with 203 victims, Neirab refugee camp with 181 victims, and finally Husseiniyyeh refugee camp with 124 victims. Meanwhile, the places where 188 victims used to live are still unknown.

Regarding the causes of death, the report stated that 1215 were killed by the regime’s bombings, 1083 were killed in shootings, and 608, including women, children and elderly people, were killed under torture in the regime’s jails.

Others were killed in explosions, field executions, and drowning while trying to reach Europe.

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