4 resistance operations leaving 14 injuries among Israeli soldiers following Trump peace plan

Ramallah (QNN)- 14 Israeli soldiers were wounded in four different resistance operations throughout occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in less than 24 hours on Thursday.

The operations varied between ramming and shooting but all of them targeted military targets.

A ramming operation was carried out in occupied Jerusalem, leaving 12 Israeli soldiers wounded, one of them had serious wounds. The fighter succeeded to withdraw before being arrested later on the same day.

In another operation in the Palestinian capital as well, Shadi Banna opened fire at Israeli police near Al Asbat gate of Al Aqsa mosque, wounding one Israeli before being executed.

In Ramallah, a fighter attacked a group of Israeli soldiers then succeeded to withdraw.

The fourth operation was in Jenin, when Israeli soldiers stormed the area to demolish the house of the prisoner Ahmad Qanba’. Locals clashed with Israeli soldiers using weapons, causing disarray among the Israelis, who increased security reinforcements all over occupied West Bank, especially with the outrage that has been sweeping Palestine following the announcement of Trump’s peace plan.

The operations come during a wave of outrage, which has been sweeping Palestine and other countries following the announcement of Trump’s peace plan that favored the occupation state and worked on ending the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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