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3987 Palestinians killed in Syria since 2011

Damascus (QNN)- The monitoring and documentation team of the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that 3987 Palestinian refugees have been killed in the period between the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011 and June 2019. The victims were killed in clashes, besiege by the Syrian regime, torture inside the regime’s jails, or while they were migrating to other countries to escape the war.

The group said that 1977 victims were killed inside refugee camps until June 2019, which means that 24 Palestinian refugees were killed in the last year.

Statistics reveal that the Yarmouk refugee camp tops the list, since 1422 of its residents were killed in the Syrian regime’s siege and rials to get it back from militias. The camp was bombed and destroyed while hundreds of its civilian residents were killed.

Dar’a refugee camp came second. 263 Palestinian refugees from Dar’a refugee camp were killed, then comes Khan El Sheikh refugee camp, which lost 202 of its residents, then Neirab refugee camp, which lost 168 victims, then El Husseiniyyeh refugee camp, which lost 124 refugees. Meanwhile, the residence place of 188 other victims is still unknown.

The report also revealed that 1212 victims were killed in the regime’s shelling, 1077 killed in shootings, 604 killed under torture in the regime’s jails, 311 killed by snipers, and 205 killed due to siege and lack of medical care.

142 refugees were also killed in bombings, while 92 others were murdered by the regime and its militia in field executions. 87 refugees were killed in unknown circumstances, 52 drowned while escaping to Europe, and 315 others killed by other ways, which included execution, burn, and suffocation.

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