33 Israeli assaults against journalists in February

Ramallah (QNN)- The Palestinian Journalists Support Committee has documented on Sunday 33 assaults by the Israeli occupation soldiers against journalists in different areas of occupied Palestine in the last February.

The assaults included shooting, beating, arresting, banning from the access to some areas or covering certain events, confiscating devices aىd material, and raiding media institutions or presses.

The report documented over 15 cases, in which journalists were injured by the the occupation forces, 9 of which in Gaza while the 6 others in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli occupation authorities also arrested 2 journalists; the information officer in the Islamic Waqf Firas Al Dibis and WAFA’s cameraman Mashhour Al Wahwah.

In the context of fighting the Palestinian content, the Israeli occupation authorities closed three media and research institutions and had an agreement with Instagram administration to remove the account of a journalist (Hasan Islih), and prevented three journalists from covering and videotaping events.

In addition to all of that, three raids and vandalism, and one possible deportation case against Mustafa Al Kharouf reported.

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