30,000 arrests among Palestinians since 2015

Ramallah (QNN)- Since 2015, the frequency of arrests has unprecedently and sharply increased, according to Abdel Naser Farwaneh, a specialist in prisoners’ affairs.

During the recent five years, over 30,000 arrests were documented. 16 prisoners died in Israelis jails as well during the same period.

In a press conference, Farwaneh said that “significantly, the Israeli authorities escalated its repression against Palestinian prisoners and deliberately harmed and put pressure on them”.

“Thee recent years are characterized by the increase of systematic crimes, legitimized violations, and state terror”, he added. “In this context, the Israeli Knesset discussed and passed racist legislation with the support of all components of the political system in the occupation state”.

Farawneh stressed that the target of the Israeli legislations was to legalize arresting Palestinian children and provide harsher punishments for them in addition to making pressure on Palestinian prisoners, target their national spirits, and support the Israeli narrative, presenting them as “criminals and murderers” instead of freedom fighters, in a desperate effort to criminalize the struggle of the Palestinian people.

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