30 Israelis gang-rape 16-year-old girl in Israeli hotel

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A 16-year-old girl told Israeli police that she was gang-raped by about 30 Israeli men at a hotel in Eilat, reported Israeli media.

The teenager filed a complaint to the Israeli police last Friday.

According to Israeli media reports, she went to Eilat earlier this month with a friend, and met up with a group of the friend’s acquaintances.

They all went out to drink together before going back to a hotel, where the men allegedly raped the girl, one after the other.

Two Israeli have been detained so far. One of them said more than 30 men had sex with the girl, but denied rape.

The identities of the two detained suspects have not been made public, but local media reports say they are Israeli residents in their 20s.

One was arrested after police found video documentation of the alleged assault in messages between him and the teenager, the Times of Israel reports. The suspect has denied communicating with the girl, and says someone else was using his phone.

The same suspect told police that more than 30 people were involved in the incident, but that security camera footage would prove that it was consensual.

Israeli Minister of war Benny Gantz has condemned the alleged attack, while Netanyahu called for those responsible to be “brought to justice” and called the attack “shocking”.

The incident brings to mind a similar incident that took place last year when a 19-year-old British woman was raped by 12 Israeli men at a hotel in Cyprus. She said police pressured her to drop the charges against the papers. A court judged that she was guilty of lying about being raped and gave her a four-month suspended sentence.

One of the suspects filmed the gang-rape but he claimed that it was consensual.

The case was denounced by women’s rights groups, while videos showed the suspects celebrating and threatening the raped girl as soon as they were acquitted and reached occupied Palestine.

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