2046 Jewish fanatics stormed Al Aqsa mosque in February

Ramallah (QNN)- A new report by Jerusalem Center for Palestinian and Israeli Studies has revealed that the numbers of Israeli Jewish fanatics, who broke into Al Aqsa mosque last month, sharply increased.

The report explained that 2046 settlers stormed the holy mosque in February, including soldiers who stormed the mosque wearing their military uniform, students of extremist religious institutions, members of the Shin Bet, a minister, and an MK.

The report added that February saw several assaults against worshippers, meanwhile.

The head of the monitoring unit in the center, Rola Hasanin, said the Israeli violations against native Palestinians in Jerusalem, paralleled by increasing numbers of the raids into the holy mosque reflects a systematic and deliberate policy, which aims at separating Jerusalemites away from their mosque in order to empty it and give to the settlers.

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