‘Israel’ to send critically wounded prisoner back to interrogation

Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli Shin Bet decided to send critically wounded prisoner Samer Arbid (44 years old) back to interrogation because “his health is getting better”, according to the judge, responsible for following up Arbid’s case.

Arbid has been under treatment in a critical condition at Hadasah hospital in occupied Jerusalem since September 29 after Israeli Shin Bet subjected him to brutal torture during interrogation, which left him in comma suffering from a heart attack and kidney failure.

The Shin Bet claims that Arbid led a group of PFLP fighters, which planted an explosive device among illegal settlers at an illegal settlement near Ramallah a few weeks ago, killing one settler and wounding another.

The general manager and spokesperson of the prisoners and former prisoners committee in occupied Jerusalem, Hassan Abed Rabbo, confirmed that the Shin Bet will send Arbid back for interrogation although he is unable to talk and although doctors at Hadasah hospital recommended not to send him back because he is still in critical condition.

Local Safa News Agency reported that Abed Rabbo said that all medical efforts were rejected by the Shin Bet and Israeli authorities. He also stated that Arbid is subjected to strict security control and he is denied visits by his lawyer and family members.

Abed Rabbo said that he doesn’t expect that Israeli authorities would accept any efforts related to the tortured patient prisoner, especially that it has already rejected a request by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to allow Palestinian doctors visit Arbid.

Commenting on the judge’s decision, Abed Rabbo said that “the announcement was about Arbids health condition being stable but still critical, which means that the danger remains unchanged”.

Abed Rabbo said that Arbid is still at the ICU under sedation and artificial breathing. the Israeli military court extended his arrest until next Tuesday.

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