Tamer al-Sultan, a Palestinian father who died while seeking better life in Europe

Gaza (QNN) – Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza city participated in the funeral of the Palestinian activist Tamer al-Sultan, who passed away in Bosna while trying to migrate to Europe.

Photo taken during Tamer’s funeral in Gaza.
Photo taken during Tamer’s funeral in Gaza, showing his wife wearing the Kufeyyah.
Photo taken during Tamer’s funeral in Gaza.

Tamer Alsutan, 38, a father of three young kids, passed away while seeking freedom and a safe future for his family, where they no longer suffer from the Israeli oppression and the consequences of the Palestinian political division.

According to family sources, Tamer’s last weeks were spent among the forests in Bosnia were he sustained several injuries. An injury in his left hand evovled into gangrene before he was hospitalised. His health condition deteriorated before he died in a hospital in Bosna.

Tamer’s life in Gaza was unbearable, say his family and friends. Eight months before he fled Gaza, he sold his drug store in Gaza due to the poor economic situation in the Gaza Strip; he barely afforded the rental bills, according to his brother.

Tamer fled Gaza in April. He traveled to Egypt, then to Turkey, where he stayed for several weeks. He then moved to Greece, attempting to reach Belguim. At the beginning of August, he attempted to cross the borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina where his one-week journey through the forests started before he passed away, his brother added.

Tamer’s last words on his Facebook profile were for his family on August 11 2019, “to my dear sons and daughter… Inshallah we will meet soon.”

The story of Tamer represents the case of hundreds of Palestinian youths in the besieged enclave, who have chosen the suffering of illegal immigration over the oppressive reality imposed on them by the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian political division.

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