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UN: Israel’s mass demolition operation in Wadu Hummus ‘not compatible’ with international humanitarian law

United Nations (QNN)- Three top United Nations officials issued on Monday a statement underscoring that the Israeli mass demolition and displacement operation was “not compatible” with its “obligations under international humanitarian law”.

Israel’s Supreme Court has reportedly ruled that the houses were built “too close” to the apartheid wall in the occupied West Bank, a new pretext to demolish the houses and allow Israel occupy more land and ethnically cleanse indigenous people.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ruled against constructing the Israeli Barrier and found that the parts running inside the West Bank, including East Jerusalem – including the Sur Bahir homes – “cannot be justified by military exigencies and thus violates Israel’s obligations under international law”, said the statement.

Moreover, in a resolution of 20 July 2004, the UN General Assembly, demanded that Israel comply with its legal obligations as stated in the ICJ’s advisory opinion.

“Had there been concrete action to ensure respect for these principles, and for international humanitarian and human rights law, generally, the people of Sur Bahir would not be experiencing the trauma they are today, and violations of their rights”, the statement concluded

The statement also warned that the Israeli operation “results in forced evictions, and contributes to the risk of forcible transfer facing many Palestinians in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem”.

“Among those forcibly displaced or otherwise impacted are Palestine refugees, some of whom today are facing the reality of a second displacement in living memory”, the UN officials flagged.

An army of Israeli forces and bulldozers broke into Wadi Hummus on early hours of Monday while it was still dark, and demolished 100 residential houses, displacing over 1000 Palestinians.

Although the community is under PA control, Israel has stolen it when it built the apartheid wall, dividing Sour Baher village and its residents into 2 parts.

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