16-year-old Muhammad speaks about children getting bullets at schools in Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- “The class was over, so I went for a break to the courtyard. Suddenly, I felt a hard hit in my hand”, Muhammad told QNN.

Muhammad Awni Mahmoud (16 years old) told QNN how Israeli soldiers opened fire at his school on the morning of Tuesday and how he was shot in his hand with a rubber-coated metal bullet.

“We were heading to buy breakfast. Suddenly, we saw behind the gate a GMC police vehicle. Soldiers got out of the vehicle and started shooting at us intensively with rubber-coated metal bullets”, Muhammad said.

He added that a soldier shot at him wounding his hand before he was carried inside the school building.

“I didn’t know it was a bullet,” Muhammad said. “My hand swelled up and became bluish.”

The school contacted Muhammad’s family before sending him to a medical center in Issawiyyeh then Hadasah hospital in Jerusalem.

Muhammads mother told QNN that the principal told her that he was with Muhammad when he was shot.

Muhammad confirmed that Israeli forces deliberately target schools in Issawiyyeh, narrating another incident that happened in his school when Israeli soldiers broke into his school and attacked the guard and principal before beating and arresting a student.

It wasn’t the first incident and it will not be the last, said the chief of Issawiyyeh Darweesh Darweesh. The occupation will continue to assault native Palestinians, trying to establish control on Palestinians.

Darwish explained that Israeli forces systematically target Palestinian young men and children in Issawiyyeh noting that last year was the worst and hardest for locals.

The Committee of Students’ Parents in Issawiyyeh has organized several demonstrations, protesting against the Israeli targeting of students and school with poisonous tear gas canisters and bullets.

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