Israeli settlers stab Palestinian workers in Jerusalem

"What have you done to them so that they stab you in your head?", medical teams kept asking the wounded worker.

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- A group of Israeli illegal settlers attacked three Palestinian workers while they were at work on Sunday. The settlers stabbed, beat, and sprayed pepper gas at the workers.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that Majed Fasfous (30 years old) had wounds in the head after he and his colleagues were stabbed by Jewish settlers while they were working in occupied West Jerusalem.

Fasfous told the Center that “while I was at work this day, three settlers approached and asked me to go with them. When I asked about their identities they sprayed pepper gas at me, making me fall to the ground.”

Fasfous’ colleagues tried to help him, as he said, but they couldn’t because the settlers sprayed them with pepper gas as well.

According to Fasfous, the settlers also attacked him with sharp objects (a knife and blades), wounding him in his head. They tried to stab him in the back and knife, causing his jacket to be ripped.

Fasfous confirmed that his colleagues called the Israeli police, who interrogated him in the field and after evacuating him to hospital.

Fasfous expressed his astonishment of the ill-treatment that he got by the medical team that treated him at the hospital as they kept asking him about “what he has done to the settlers so that they stab him in his head”.

Two other workers, who were identified as Amir Debes and Izz Muhammad Ali, were also suffocated with pepper gas in the attack.

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