100 Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike

Ramallah (QNN)- The Committee of Detainees and Ex-Detainees said Tuesday that nearly 100 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are continuing open hunger strike, protesting installation of jamming cancerous devices.

The committee said in a press statement that Israeli Prison Service transferred strikers from all jails to Nafha jail in the last few days.

The committee added that the IPS continue to pressure and assault hunger striker prisoners to force them end their strike. Violations include regular search raids for their cells by Israeli repression unit known as Metzada.

The new strike wave comes due to the Israeli refusal to comply to the prisoners’ demands, including abiding by a recent agreement, in which IPS promised to remove jamming devices and provide public phones, in addition to ending punitive measures taken against hunger striker prisoners.

In September 10, Palestinian prisoners restarted a mass hunger strike after IPS reneged on a previous agreement last April. The agreement promised to remove cancerous jamming devices, which were causing serious health problems to prisoners.

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