100 Jordanian figures and diplomats attended a dinner at the Israeli Embassy in Amman

(QNN) – Around 100 Jordanian figures and politicians at least attended a dinner inside the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan, this week, according to Israeli sources.

“Israel Speaks Arabic” Facebook page published on Wednesday, 27 March, pictures of the dinner, showing the Israeli ambassador Amir Weissbrod with the chef and the dishes.

The post did not mention the names of the participants or post pictures of them.

“This week, the Israeli Embassy in Amman held a dinner of dishes prepared by Avi Levy, the Israeli chef winner in Master Chef Israeli program. Chef Levy’s parents have Algerian and Moroccan origins,” the page wrote. “Around 100 Jordanian figures and diplomats participated,” it added.

During the evening, the Israeli ambassador explained that the Arab dishes have a great influence on Israeli food and dishes.

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