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10-year-old Palestine girl still in Syria regime detention: Rights group

Damascus (QNN) – The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said the Syrian regime forces continue to detain ten-year-old Palestinian girl, Hadeel Al-Ayyathi, six years after she was captured.

According to the group, Hadeel was arrested at the age of four while passing through a Syrian regime checkpoint near Yarmouk camp in March 2013.

Her fate and that of her mother’s remain unknown.

The group has documented the detention of 1,758 Palestinians since the start of the war in Syria, including hundreds of women, children and elderly persons.

Palestinian refugees in Syria have suffered greatly as a result of the civil war in the country with many unable to flee as they neighbouring countries do not allow them refugee status. The group said more than 600 Palestinian families in the Daraa refugee camp are suffering as a result of a lack of medical services and facilities.

The group explained that the UNRWA clinic in the camp has not been renovated or rebuilt while an alternative place for treatment has not been provided in or near the camp to serve its residents.

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