US court orders Al Ashqar be returned from “Israel”

US (QNN)- The wife of Palestinian Professor Abdul-Halim Al-Ashqar said his lawyers succeeded in obtaining a court verdict ordering the US security authorities to bring him back immediately from “Israel”.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) quoted Al Ashqar’s wife Asma Muhanna stating that the court order banned the transfer of her husband to Israel, adding that Al Ashqar was flown back to the US from Ben Gurion airport and sent to a jail in Virginia.

A few days ago, Al Ashqar was kidnapped illegally by the FBI and taken aboard a plane to Ben Gurion airport in Israel in order to hand him over to the authorities there, but he was kept on the plane following a US court order.

Later, Al-Ashqar was returned to the US aboard the same plane after a US court issued a decision in this regard.

In November 2007, the American authorities had sentenced the scientist and former presidential candidate in the latest Palestinian election to 11 years in prison after placing him under house arrest for nearly two years.

Al Ashqar was sacked from his teaching position at Washington University in August 2004. He was subsequently arrested and accused, with no evidence, of illegally collecting funds for Hamas.

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