Initial results: Netanyahu’s era is over

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Exit polls have shown that Benjamin Netanyahu has fallen short of securing a parliamentary majority with his hard-right allies in Israeli second election.

The apparent set back dealt a devastating blow to the prime minister who became Israel’s longest-serving prime minister in July and is fighting to secure a record fifth term in office.

The results were posted by three major Israeli TV stations after polling stations closed across the occupation state. They indicated his political future could be in doubt.

Netanyahu and his party has been trying to secure a majority with his allies of hardliners to secure immunity from an expected indictment on corruption charges.

Addressing his supporters early Wednesday, Netanyahu refused to concede defeat and vowed to work to form a new government that excludes Arab parties. His campaign focused heavily on attacking and questioning the loyalty of native Palestinians is the occupation state in addition to increasing attacks on Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gazaβ€” a strategy that drew accusations of racism and incitement from Arab leaders.

β€œIn the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong Zionist government and to prevent a dangerous anti-Zionist government,” he said.

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