In Video| Israeli demolition massacre in Wadi Homs

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers started on the early morning of Monday a mass demolition operation in Wadi Homs neighborhood at Sour Baher in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

Local and media sources said that the Israeli army declared the whole area a military closed zone after hundreds of Israeli occupation soldiers have deployed in the area.

Israeli forces forcefully evicted hundreds of Palestinian families from their houses following an order by the Israeli supreme court to demolish 13 buildings, which contain 70 residential apartments, because it is “close to the apartheid wall and poses threat to Israel”.

Media sources said that Israeli police deployed last night in the neighborhood, which is under PA control, and started demolishing 13 buildings.

Today, in early morning, the Israeli police started evicting families to demolish their houses.

Wadi Homs is located in the outskirt of Sour Baher village in south-east occupied. The Israeli apartheid wall divided the village, making half of it under Israeli control and another half, which includes Wadi Homs, under PA control.

1 thought on “In Video| Israeli demolition massacre in Wadi Homs

  1. What’s new about that? Israel had been doing that since 1948 and won’t stop until they remove all the Palestinians from the country and the the UN and the what so called world leaders do nothing because they all afraid of USA and the USA senators get aids from the Jewish in there elections so thay won’t say anything or do anything about it and we all know all the Arab leaders if you wanna Call them leaders can’t say or do nothing because of the USA wanted that way and if any Arabian leader will say anything he will be removed from the job so that’s way Israel can and will do whatever they want, Shem on the joke of the world the United notion.

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