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Hadarim prison: Israeli dental needles that blind Palestinians only

Jenin (QNN)- It took Muhammad to get only one “dental needle” at Hadarim prison to lose most of his sight after his family and friends used to call him a “sniper” because he used to see things from very far distances.

Muhammad Ghawdreh’s brother told QNN that “Muhammad, during his detention at Hadarim prison, had a toothache a few years ago, which pushed him to visit the clinic of the jail, where they [the Israelis] gave him a needle, which caused him to lose 80% of his eyesight in one eye and 40% of it in the other”.

“Following efforts, made by prisoners, including [Fatah leader] Marwan Barghouthi, Muhammad was transferred to the so-called clinic of Ramleh prison, where he stayed for over two years but without having any suitable treatment to fix his eyesight”, he added.

The Israelis arrested Muhammad on January 26, 2004, from his village in Jenin after chasing him for four years. He was subjected to a very tough and long interrogation.

He was sentenced to three life imprisonment sentences and 35 years. He has been detained in Nafha jail.

Although of his harsh conditions in jail, Muhammad succeeded to get a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and he is doing his best to get a master’s degree as well.

“We are ten brothers. We were all arrested by the Israelis for different periods”, his brother said. “My brother had a neurological disease due to the Israeli torture during interrogation”.

“The Israelis arrested my brothers Muhammad and Waleed. The latter was released in 2018 after spending 12 years in Israeli jails to be rearrested only one year after his release”, he added.

Muhammad used to work for the Palestinian police. He had a very sharp vision before getting the Israeli needle. The Israelis only gave Muhammad pain killers to deal with his problem instead of providing treatment.

“All we wish is to see Muhammad and Waleed free and to be reunited as a family once again”, Muhammad’s brother said.

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