“We build a wall, you pay for it”, ‘Israel’ tells Palestinians

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- On 11 September 2019, Israeli vehicles demolished two buildings owned by Samer Abu Ziyad under the pretext of being built without permission and close to the apartheid wall. Abu Ziyad had paid a fortune to build the buildings.

On Monday, Abu Ziyad was shocked to see Israeli soldiers and engineers breaking into the village of Al Izariyyeh in eastern Jerusalem. They mapped and took photos of the area before telling Abu Ziyad that they will build a retaining wall because an old building, which was owned by him and was demolished by the Israelis last year, harmed the Israeli apartheid wall.

Abu Ziyad told QNN that last year after the Israelis demolished his building they forced him to pay 388,000 Shekel as demolition costs.

The occupation state started building the apartheid wall in 2002 on West Bank land, swallowing at least 165,000 dunums of the West Bank.

Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian buildings under the pretext of being built near the apartheid wall even if the buildings have been built before the wall.

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