Israeli police forces Palestinian man to pay 84,000 Shekel for no reason or he will get arrested

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- In a strange incident, the Israeli police summoned a Palestinian man to one of its stations and forced him to pay an amount of money for the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem without any reason at all. They threatened to arrest him if he refuses to pay.

The head of Jerusalem Anti-occupation Committee “Himmah”, Naser Hadmi, said the Israeli police summoned him for the police station in Salahiddin street. When he reached the station, he was informed that he had to pay 1174 Shekel ($340) out of 84,000 Shekel (over $24,000) for the municipality.

Hadmi told QNN that the police told him that he will stay under arrest unless he pays.

He added that Israeli border guards took him to the Israeli Post building, where he had to pay. A court session will be held in a couple of days, where the strange fine will be discussed.

Hadmi stated that he had already paid 250,000 Shekel (over $723,000)last month as a residency tax (which the Israelis impose on Palestinians only).

He assured that the Israeli measures come to force native Palestinians to leave their land and homes for settlers and empty the holy city of Palestinians.

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