Israeli army admits killing young Palestinian in cold blood for no reasons

West Bank (QNN)- The Israeli Channel 13 reporter, Or Heller, said that the Israeli army summoned a soldier for interrogation over the crime of murdering a Palestinian young man without any reasons. Heller added that the soldier opened fire at the young man on March 20, 2019, killing him.

The soldier opened fire at the young man Ahmad Manasrah near the illegal settlement of Efrat near Bethlehem, according to Heller.

He also added that IOF investigations revealed that Manasrah got out of his car to help someone near the illegal settlement of Efrat. However, the soldier shot him dead without any reason.

A spokesperson for the Israeli army confirmed that the soldier was summoned for interrogation and the army will see if it can file an indictment. The army stated that the soldier killed Manasrah and wounded another Palestinian in the same incident.

The Israeli army and settlers have been murdering Palestinians on a daily basis with impunity. The Israelis do not make any investigations. If they do, soldiers get indicted in few cases only.

B’Tselem stated in a previous report that deaths take place amidst a “climate of impunity” combined with rules of engagement that encourage a “trigger-happy” attitude among Israeli soldiers.

“Over the past four years, the IDF conducted only 89 military police investigations into deaths and injuries of Palestinians. Of these investigations, only 22 resulted in indictments. To date, one soldier has been convicted of causing the death of a Palestinian. Thus in the vast majority of cases, no one is ever held accountable,” said B’Tselem spokeswoman, Ms Sarit Michaeli.

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