‘Israel’ made 54,000 shekel profit off imprisoned Palestinian children last December

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state has made 54,000 shekel profit off the Palestinian children, who were imprisoned in Ofer jail last December, according to the Committee of Prisoners and former prisoners.

The committee said in a report issued on Sunday that 38 Palestinian children were sent to Ofer jail last month, increasing the total number of children jailed in Ofer to 82.

It also stated that 20 children were sentenced to jail periods that range between one week to 23 months. One child was also sentenced to 4 months in administrative detention.

The report revealed that last year, the Israeli authorities jailed 379 children (under the age of 18) in Ofer jail and imposed 513,100 Shekel fines on them.

The committee considered the Israeli violations against Palestinian children, like the heavy fines and lengthy jail periods, as punitive measures and arbitrary punishment against the Palestinian people.

3 thoughts on “‘Israel’ made 54,000 shekel profit off imprisoned Palestinian children last December

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