Israeli media: Hamas would beat Fatah if elections were held

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A report by an Israeli News website revealed that according to polls, Hamas would win in any parliamentary or presidential elections if they were held now.

The report said that although of the diplomatic schism between the occupation state, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan, Israeli, Jordanian, and PA senior security officials confirmed that security coordination and intelligence cooperation are operating with “Swiss clock” precision in fear of Hamas and its chances of winning in democratic elections.

An Israeli research center, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), emphasized that the public’s criticism of Abbas and his associates grew stronger after they rejected a proposal for reconciliation with Hamas that had been put together by eight different organizations in the West Bank and Gaza. In contrast, Haniyeh announced that he accepted the proposal “unconditionally and as written.”

In 2006, Hamas won legislative elections with 44.45% of the vote, whilst the ruling Fatah received 41.43% of the vote. Fatah along with all members of the PLO and even Islamic Jihad, which did not participate in the elections, refused to recognise Hamas’ victory.

Fatah, backed by Israel and Arab states, worked hard to destroy Hamas’ government. Fatah succeeded to ousting Hamas’ government from the occupied West Bank, but failed to do the same in the Gaza Strip. Since then, Fatah has been ruling the West Bank and Hamas has governed the Gaza Strip.

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