Labour overwhelmingly backs Palestinian right to return

Brighton (QNN)- Labour delegates voted Monday overwhelmingly to back the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland at the UK opposition party’s annual conference.

The historic motion opposes any proposed “solution” for Palestinians not based on international law, including their right “to return to their homes.”

It also reaffirms the party’s commitment to end all arms sales to the occupation state of Israel and the boycott of Israeli settlement goods in addition to rejecting previous trade deals should Israel fail to recognize the rights of the Palestinians.

“Labour Party members have said in one voice to the Palestinian people – we stand with you in your fight for justice,” Palestine Solidarity Campaign PSC director Ben Jamal stated.

“What is required now is for this crucial motion, passed overwhelmingly by members, to be translated into official party policy as we move towards the next general election.”

A Labour government must “adhere to an ethical foreign policy” on trade with Israel, including ending any trade in arms used to violate Palestinians’ human rights, the motion passed on Monday states.

It also states that Labour “has a special responsibility to redress … ongoing injustices” due to colonial Britain’s role in the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland.

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