Missing Palestinian migrant found drowned in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina borders (QNN)- A Palestinian refugee, identified as Saleh Hamad, from Gaza Strip was found drowned in the Bosnia and Herzegovina river in a village at the borders between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The body of Hamad had been missing for over 20 days. His body was identified by the representative of the Palestinian Embassy in Serbia by the bracelet he was wearing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Palestinian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Riziq Nimoura, was able today and after a long wait to hold a meeting with the competent authorities of the Bosnian Serbs, where the official authorities there and after matching testimonies and evidence affirmed the death of the young Hamad, whose body was found by the river.

The ministry said it contacted the family of Hamad to coordinate the subsequent arrangements.

Terrifying numbers of Palestinians leave the besieged Gaza enclave through Egypt then the sea trying to escape the hell of the Israeli wars and assaults on the heavy-populated enclave, dreaming of better future. However, many people describe such journeys as escaping death to death.

Israeli media estimated the numbers of migrated Gazans until the half of 2018 to 40,000, however the United Nations estimated them to 20,000 in the same period.

The occupation state has been imposing a very strict siege on Gaza, denying Gazans their right to move and controlling imports and exports. It also launches a war every now and then, killing hundreds and wounding thousands of Palestinians.

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