In Video| Israeli bulldozers demolish mosque and house in Hebron

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- Israeli forces demolished Monday a house and a mosque, which were under construction, in occupied Hebron in southern West Bank.

Locals sources said that Israeli forces accompanied by heavy machinery demolished Al Ummah mosque in Khillet Jabal Johar in southern Hebron. The mosque was built on 200 square meters ad was being finalized before the Israelis demolish it.

Israeli forces also demolished a house under construction in the same area, owned by Bilal Rajabi.

The Palestinian Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs slammed the Israeli demolition of the mosque and deemed it an assault on Islamic holy places and a crime, which denies Palestinian Muslims their right of practicing their religion and violates International law.

The Ministry also said that the sharp increase in Israel’s assaults on Muslim holy places in occupied Hebron and Jerusalem is a part of a racist series actions, which
signal adverse consequences.

The Ministry held the Israeli government responsible for the crime and urged international human rights organizations and UNESCO to monitor ‘Israel’s’ crimes and preventit.

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