Palestinian student found dead after she went missing in Ethiopia

Palestinian Occupied Territories (QNN) – A Palestinian student has been found dead in one of Ethiopia’s deserts after she went missing for days.

21-year-old Aya Na’anmeh, from the village of Arraba in occupied Palestine, was part of a scientific trip to Ethiopia.

In a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Na’anmeh went missing at the Ethiopian Dunkel Desert when she was on an on-foot trip with others. She then continued on her own, but did not reach the agreed destination at the end of the trip.

Today morning, Aya’s father travelled to Ethiopia to follow up with the searching process for his daughter.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s statement added that its embassy in Addis Ababa sent a search team and contacted with the Ethiopian local authorities, army, and government representatives to help find Aya.

After searches, Aya’s body was found in Ethiopia’s desert.

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