Seven Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike despite danger of death

Ramallah (QNN)- Seven Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have been on hunger strike for long periods, to protest against administrative detention, despite deterioration in health condition.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club revealed that the health condition of Jaafar Izziddin, who had been on hunger strike for 36 days so far and who is arrested in Ramleh jail, has been significantly deteriorating. Izziddin started throwing up bile, which could be a sign of serious problem. He also suffers from severe pain in his body.

Ahmad Zahran, arrested in the same jail, also have been arrested under administrative detention for 29 days.

The Prisoners Club noted that the jail administration has sent three prisoners to Asqalan jail as a punitive measure for going on hunger strike.

Hasan Zghari in Ofer jail has also joined the hunger strike 13 days ago. Meanwhile, Sulta Makhlof also started hunger strike 4 days ago.

The prisoners club revealed that the IPS imposes punitive measures against prisoners, who go on hunger strike; which include being denied from visits by family members and lawyers, transferring them to other jails, putting them in solitary confinement, and being assaulted by jailers.

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